Monday, July 18, 2011

Pageant of the Masters

Christianne Kinder, 17, in
Henry Meynell Rheam's The Fairy Wood, 1903
Pencil, watercolor

Pageant of the Masters is a series of tableaux vivants--"living pictures"--stage sets, actors and lighting uniquely combined to recreate famous paintings. Breathtaking is the term that comes to mind (hey, and its not a superlative!!)
Can't believe I am a native So Cal gal who never attended The Pageant of The Masters until last week. Our friends from Norway, John and Hilde, were the impetus for actually getting tickets--and I am so thrilled we did! The theme this year is "Only in Make Believe"...

Another perfect summer night in Laguna Beach. The performance is held in an outdoor theater--similar to the Hollywood Bowl, but smaller with a much more intimate feel. 

At first,  I thought it was just folks in make up from the neck up, poking their faces into the stage set and I was  disappointed. Here is a pic of what I erroneously thought was happening-

A "corny" picture of Mike 

Once I looked through my binoculars -- I realized the magnitude of what had been created on stage:
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1866
John Tenniel
Wood block print illustration
St. George Reliquary, 1590
Hans Schleich
Mixed Media, gold, jewels enamel
The statute above was DAZZLING. All the jewels sparkling--with the binoculars you can see all the intricate detail. I kept waiting to see the actors breathe or move--didn't see either. How they hold the poses without any visible movement for 5 - 8 minutes is seriously amazing.

 Mary Aslin's
"Beautiful Distraction", 72 x 48,
Afterwards we toured Festival of the Arts--booth after booth of incredible Laguna Beach artists. Above is the exquisite work of pastel artist, Mary Aslin. Mike and I had the pleasure of meeting Mary at Paulette Adam's Art in the Garden party earlier this year.
Mary working on a floral pastel in Paulette's garden
I didn't want the evening to end. We took the Laguna Beach Trolley (free and open air!) back to the parking lot. Strolled to our car admiring the warm starlit sky completely rejuvinated and inspired.


  1. LoVe this post Jenelle !
    Lets get together for some alfresco dining here at Summmerland Cottage with Mary & Matt again soon !

  2. Oh my goodness gracious Jenelle....I am honored that you included my work in your beautiful blog post.

    I am so glad that you were able to attend the Pageant.

    And I'm so grateful that amazing Paulette and Summerland Cottage continues to bring people together in such an inspirational way!

  3. Sounds dreamy, Jenelle. I wouldn't want the evening to end either.

    Thank you for stopping by the diary. I hope you stay connected there through the google reader because I will soon be deactivating my previous blog.

    Your page is so inspiring of love and calm. Calm--what I crave most with each new gray hair. I have continuous peace in my heart, but calm is a whole other world. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.