My Story

I haven't always been an artist. In fact, until 2004 I drew stick figures-- I always wanted to paint, draw, collage...but I figured that artists were born with an innate talent. Clearly my stick figures proved that I did not have the innate drawing skill chromosome.

At that time, I was a top executive in the computer industry and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It forced me to give up my career. I was devastated. I discovered my entire identity was wrapped up in my corporate career. I felt like Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet -when she goes to the Friar and says, "I am past hope, past cure, past help." 

With nothing to lose, I picked up paintbrush--it was so healing! It literally gave me back my self esteem. Art allowed me to heal and reinvent myself. I wanted to "pay that forward" so I started teaching adults who don't know how to paint - how to paint. It also taught me that it is NEVER to late to reinvent ourselves. 

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  1. Where is a picture of your 87 year old Mother? I'm sure she is just as beautiful now as in the picture. Give her our love. A New Follower