Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 21 - A Glitter Recipe

I like Glitter on my mixed media. Lots of glitter. Glitter glass, glitter glue, chunky glitter, get the point. Following is one of my favorite glitter glaze recipes:

Three ingredients 
DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze
DecoArt Glamour Dust
Golden Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine)

Three parts glaze to two parts Glamour Dust and a drop of gold fluid acrylic paint

And oooh-la-la!

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  1. This glitter recipe looks great. My 5 year old daughter just loves glitter. This looks like a good way to try to contain it. I always find that we end up walking around with glitter on our face and in our hair for days after working with the stuff. We just pretend we are in " fairyland" then.

    Just wanted to stop by and check our your blog. I saw your article in the Romantic Homes magazine and loved it. I love the 40's era, and listen to the Big Band music that comes on 88.1 FM radio on weekend mornings. Must be wonderful to have such a musical family.

  2. This was on "Romantic homes"
    What a nice website.

  3. glorious book, and thanks for the recipe! will bookmark