Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 28 - Woading with French General

Woad Products at the French General

Woad is known as "The European Blue"--It's an ancient dying process--alchemy.
 Last Saturday Kaari Meng, owner of the the French General hosted a full day of Woading with French Woad Master Denise Simeon-Lambert.
For Lydia and I, the day started out with a drive up to LA. 

 The French General is very low key on the outside...

BEAUTIFUL on the inside.

Then we headed to a private field in Elysian Park and started Woading

The dying process is fascinating. As you pull your fabric out of the vat its yellow for a second, then oxides green then deepens into an incredible shade of blue.
Above- (L-R) Janette Ponciroli, Lydia Reza and Joan.

Each vat creates a different color of blue

Clothes lines as far as the eye could see!

then back to French General for some 
Lillet, a French aperitif.  
Kaari's father, Dick tended bar. Too fun!

A lovely end to an incredible day.
A huge thank you to Kaari Meng and all the wonderful folks at
The French General.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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  1. Sounds fascinating! Love the colorful photos.