Monday, May 2, 2011

Block Printing at The French General

I've been a fan of all things Kaari Meng for quite awhile. So, whenever I need a little creative inspiration, I hit the French General website During my last creative cyber foray,  I discovered a Block Printing class taught by Laura Palm at The French General. Block Printing? French General? What a perfect combination! 
Kaari Meng introduces the class

Artist Laura Palm demonstrates how to create your own stamping block

Kim creates a beautiful plant design then followed it up with the birds in next pic.

Kick and Kathy creating.

more amazing creations

Looking to the right of my table - Jeweler's Paradise!

Everywhere objects of beauty

Kaari's Inspiration boards


  1. Jenelle this looks like so much FUN !

    I LoVe Kaari Meng's work and her latest book is chock full of creativity.
    Thanks for sharing all the inspired photos !

  2. Wow, what a lovely store. So wish I could have joined you. Thanks for sharing .