Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 23 - The 24 Hour Rule

Have I introduced to my inner critic? Yep, Coach Sue Sylvester from Glee. Most of the time I manage to hide that bullhorn of hers, but recently she had a field day.

It all started when I was inspired by the beautiful paintings of Flora Bowley (above- Temple Lilies by Flora Bowley).  I decided to try Flora's intuitive painting process. I was at the magical Studio Crescendoh -  there was wonderful music, great camaraderie, the perfect place to create. I loved the process of creating, but started questioning if mine was a good intuitive painting. My inner critic saw my guard down and leapt in. Coach Sylvester gleefully grabbed her bullhorn and barked, 

"That is the most offensive thing I've seen in 20 years of teaching, I can't help, but picture birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting. 

  I laughed (it is a funny line!) then decided my painting was terrible. The worst painting in class. When I hang out with my inner critic I get pretty dramatic. Coach Sylvester just smirked.

 And I know better! I teach painting. When my students question the quality of their work, I always remind them about the magical

 "24 Hour Rule"
Go home. Set your artwork aside. Look at it tomorrow and see what you think. Withhold harsh judgements for the time being. Then the magic happens and the next day you realize what a beautiful job you've done.

My hubby loved the painting and hung it on our bedroom wall. The next morning I noticed the bright colors, the vintage collage papers poking through the layers- it looked like a tree growing in the sea. I thought, "its not terrible - I did a nice job. Hey, I like this painting!"
Then I hid Coach Sylvester's bullhorn.

The lessons learned:
Don't hang out with my inner critic - she lives a bad neighborhood.
Give any artwork I create a chance - apply the 24 Hour Rule.

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  1. Oh, duh...I do see 'A Fanciful Twist' on your side bar~
    ; )

  2. I loved this post. . . because I know what you mean about that 24 hr. rule. I have learned to use that, too.....and sometimes it takes more than 24 hrs before you see that you like what you've done, or you can see where you need to tweak it. Oh and I LOVE Sue Sylvester! Have you ever googled Sue's sayings.'s great to read all of her funny lines.