Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 24 Meeting at the McCharles House

Went to a meeting at the beautiful McCharles House yesterday with Meryl Schoenbaum, Pierre Pasa and O.J. Baclig. It was the perfect setting for a planning session. We were nestled by the fire in the Lodge - lunched on Black Bean soup with a hint of chocolate, Chicken Magdelena (imagine chicken, apricots and all kinds of good things simmering for delectable!!), wild rice and homemade breads.

Vivian and Audrey, proprietors of the McCharles House have decorated with vintage Valentine fans, cupids and hearts - its lovely.

As we explored the garden, Vivian pointed out a hummingbird's nest - so tiny!

Refreshing water in gorgeous pitcher

Meryl's Birthday is in February. We surprised her with a special dessert and short birthday serenade. Vivian made the most incredible chocolate cake (good thing I'm going to Pierre's kickboxing class tonight!!)
Everywhere you looked there was beauty. In such a setting, creativity abounded. The meeting was definitely a success.

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  1. What a lovely escape, so many beautiful elements that speak to one's senses. Your photos portray it's magic, just stunning! It does look perfect ;D

  2. Love your blog, Jenelle....and this post just made me drool. What a lovely place ..the perfect backdrop for a special gathering!

    I have done kickboxing (actually it was called Kirobics...had a mix of aerobic and kickboxing), but it's not my favorite form of exercise...but I do know it's a great workout. So, you run,too? That's great! I just started a year and a half ago (at the tender age of 62! :) I've completed 10 5ks...came in first in my division in one, too.....and didn't know it cuz it was so cold that we just ran, then jumped in the car and went out to breakfast!! :) My story of how I started is on my blog (Sept/Oct. 2010).

    I pulled a hamstring last my exercise class :(.....and had to stop running cuz it just was killing me. However, after a few months of running rest, I am working my way back up to a 5K level. I used the Couch to 5K Running Plan to "learn" to run and slowly condition my body to that form of exercise. I returned to that again to build back up this time, too. Day before yesterday, I was able to jog (I wasn't going fast..just slow jogging) for 20 min...and it felt great! :) I hope to get out this afternoon....if the snow totally melts!!

    OK...I'll stop the running jabber!

    Have a great Valentine's Day!!

  3. Ive heard many good things about the McCharles House. They do tea too, yes? And Meryl is the best! Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day : )