Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Nine - Coptic Calendars

2010 Coptic Calendar Journal
*Thanks so much to everyone for their prayers and concern about Mike's Dad, who is now in stable condition and out of the woods :) 

What is a Coptic Journal? Coptic refers to the stitch used to bind the pages. The Egyptians were using the Coptic stitch to bind books as far back as the fourth century. In 2009, I took a class with Dede Warren and fell in love with making Coptic Journals. 

January 2010 A little doodling and painting
But what to do with them?  I made my first coptic journal, my day planner. I doodled, painted, sketched in it --I took it everywhere. And a funny thing happened - whenever I pulled the journal out of my purse, people would ask me about it, ask to look at it and flip through the pages. Note to self - don't write anything too personal!!

Each month I tried to do something different. For June 2010,  I enlarged a picture of an 18th Century proscenium theater (The Graphics Fairy). I cut out the stage and had the curtains pulled back to reveal the calendar.

June 2010
The musicians in the orchestra pit always make me smile.

I love the way these journals look sitting on my shelves

Next week I'll make my January 2012 Coptic Calendar and share the process.

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