Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 3 - UFO Christmas Party

My Tuesday Morning Class (L-R) Jill, Dee, Jerry, Cynthia, Grace, Anna and Shelly
Once a quarter I host a UFO event - not to discuss Area 51, Roswell or the lights over Arizona--its all about UnFinished Objects. It's a thank you to my incredible students for painting with me. They bring their UnFinished Objects-canvases, glass items, journals, whatever - I host raffles, giveaways and food --and we all  have a blast.
Cynthia finishes up Christmas ornaments
This morning I hosted a UFO Christmas Party for my Tuesday class. This special group has been painting me with for a couple of years. It's been such an inspiration to watch their progress since joining the class as beginners. They graciously put up with my corny jokes and between the laughter and joking, we create beautiful art.

Grace working hard or is she eating???

No low blood sugar here :)

Anna gets ready to paint

A big thank you to my Tuesday Morning class.
Happy Holidays!


1 comment:

  1. Jenelle,

    What a clever idea, having a party and working on our unfinished objects.
    I need to host one of these and have it last 3 days!!!
    Maybe in the summer with a girl slumber party included, and beach breaks, and trolly rides thru town.
    Oh fun!